12 Oct Here’s What Works: The Common Traits of our Successful Clients

As you can imagine, we’ve worked with thousands of local business owners, marketers and corporate executives over the years to execute some really great programs. And an occasional dud.

The duds happen usually because of some combination of the wrong message, the wrong audience and the wrong call-to-action. Or – and this is common – because results weren’t accurately tracked.

Although to be brutally real, dud campaigns can have a lot to do with how unremarkable the product or service is in the first place. Or how little the client is committed to developing and sticking to a strategy.

So if you’re thinking about investing in a local mass media platform like ours, here are the top traits that business owners and marketers who succeed with us have in common:

They’re Engaged

As obvious as this may sound, we have had clients who’ve made significant marketing investments with us but didn’t care to engage in planning and executing a strategy. This is not only a potentially humongous waste of money, it creates some really mediocre marketing.

So if you’re going to work with us and tap into our super engaged audiences, we’ll expect you to be there for input and feedback before, during and after a campaign or program launch. Otherwise, we know how the story ends: with your dissatisfaction and our frustration.

They’re Able To Invest

Most of our prospective clients are enthusiastic about being on our radio stations and websites. And we certainly understand how alluring that proposition can be given our powerful reach and engagement. But our most successful clients are also able to invest in the time it takes for a marketing strategy to work; to cement their name in consumers’ minds, to create positive feelings and associations, and to drive quality leads on a consistent basis.

So when you work with us, we’ll be discussing and/or guiding you through all phases of marketing – from branding to promotion to lead generation –assuming you’re approaching this as a long-term investment.

They’re On Top of Online

Consumers these days go online early and often to research products and companies, especially after hearing a radio commercial! So our most successful clients have two common traits when it comes to digital media: they have – or want to have – a solid online presence. And they’re mindful of how traditional media and digital media work together.

So when you work with us, we’ll be drilling down on how to get the most out of all of your marketing investments by integrating traditional and digital media strategies.

They Engage Our Total Audience

Over-the-air radio is what we’ve been known for the past 90 years. But these days, our audiences are everywhere. Like the hundreds of thousands of people who visit our websites, interact in our databases and follow us in social media each month.

So our most successful clients make sure they have a presence everywhere our content and our audiences intersect, using tools like website display ads, sponsored articles and database promotions.

They Have Remarkable Products and Services

As we said at the top of this post, one of the biggest reasons marketing fails is because the product or service itself is unremarkable.

Or – and this can be especially frustrating – the product or service does indeed have unique and powerful benefits. But the marketing itself is unremarkable.

Obviously, we can’t help you much with that first scenario.

But if you’ve read this far and think you share the common traits of our most successful clients, we can’t wait to put our process to work for you.


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