08 Nov Here’s a Lead Gen Program With Serious Teeth

A large dental practice wanted to generate patient prospects that could fill their sales funnel for the whole year, so we created the $15,000 Smile Makeover promotion.

Here’s how it worked

Through radio commercials, display ads and social media promotion, we drove consumers to the Smile Makeover landing page we developed:


Radio announcements also included an SMS Call-To-Action (text “Smile” to 411923). To gain further insights into participating consumers we asked two important questions: Have you seen a Dentist in the past year? Are you currently experiencing any tooth or gum pain?

The Results

In just four weeks, we generated nearly 2,000 text-ins and more than 1,400 completed entries. Most importantly, more than 700 consumers reported that they were currently experiencing tooth or gum pain.  That’s 700 warm prospects that our client can now market to through email!

Key Takeaways

  • Doing sweepstakes with prizing that offers a product or service from the client is a sure-fire way of attracting qualified leads
  • If the prize is compelling enough, consumers will answer multiple marketing questions which produce deep insights into their wants and needs
  • Using marketing automation software like Hubspot makes it easier to segment and nurture leads based on how consumers answered the marketing questions
  • Using Text Messaging to bridge a consumer from a radio commercial to a mobile landing page is an effective consumer response path
  • Landing pages are branding pages, too.  So be sure to spend time on creating a quality image that helps strengthen the image of the business



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