03 Mar Why On Earth Would You Sponsor an Event? Exactly. Because We’re On Earth!

In this era of technology-driven advertising, marketing automation and ever-changing search engine algorithms, good old-fashioned event marketing is bigger than ever.

Why? Because for all its benefits, the world-wide-web simply cannot generate the emotional connections and deep insights that come from earthlings interacting with earthlings, face to face, around products and services that can add value to real lives.

As the producer of some of the largest consumer events in the market, and the official broadcast partner to every professional sports team in Arizona, we’ve helped hundreds of local businesses – as well as national brands – make the most out of their Event Marketing investments.

So here’s our best advice for making sure your event partnerships drive profitable outcomes.

To start, we recommend first thinking through the Three “As” of Event Marketing: Association, Activation and Amplification.


First up is this marketing effect that’s critical to the perception of your business…because event attendees will associate your brand or business with the event name, theme and programming elements. So the first thing you need to ask yourself are questions like:

• Is the event a good fit for my businesses or brand?
• Is the event’s brand strength and market awareness capable of lifting my own?
• Would event attendees expect to see me there?
• If they don’t expect me, is there a good reason to be there anyway?
• And finally…will event attendees be more open to my value proposition than the general, untargeted consumer?

If you can check these boxes, you’re ready to move on the next step of Event Marketing consideration: Activation.


If you’re not familiar with the Event Marketing concept of Activation, you’ll want to become knowledgeable about it because it is the currency of event marketers, producers and promoters everywhere.

As it names implies, Activation is the act of getting people to do something. That could be filling out a survey. Following you on social media. It could be entering your contest. Sampling your product or service. And, of course, it could mean buying your product or service.

So as you’re considering an event, you’ll want to consider its Activation potential. And you’ll want to think about that potential across three phases:

• The Pre-Event Activation phase
• The On-Site Activation phase
• The Post-Event Activation phase

For example, in the Pre-Activation phase, can the event help you…

• Build your brand association if you’re included in event media?
• Drive email collection or social media followers using event ticket giveaways?
• Reward key customers and/or partners and vendors with event tickets?
• Reward key employees with the same?
• Drive sampling or purchase using event tickets as incentives?
• Differentiate from competitors by providing you with category exclusivity for the event?

In the On-Site Activation phase, can the event help you…

• Build brand awareness with signage, stage announcements and inclusion in programs?
• Grow your email database with a register to win promotion?
• Grow social followers with a gift-with-follow promotion?
• Sample or sell your product or service?
• Distribute product or service offers?
• Gather valuable consumer insights about your category by conducting a survey in exchange for an offer, discount or freebie?
• Get real world feedback on your product or service through a demonstration?

And post-event, can you…

• Remarket to the email database you generated at the event?
• Reward Social followers you gained at the event?

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list. And some of the best event activations we’ve seen are developed through a brainstorming process that taps into employees, partners, vendors, event reps and, yes, actual customers (who often provide the best insights).

So if you think there’s some worthy Activation potential in the event you’re considering, then it’s time to think “Amplification.”


The concept of amplifying your event partnership is now capable of reaching a whole new level thanks to the arrival of social media. So you’ll want to be thinking about how you can promote your event tie-in in social media before, during and after the event.

What a great way to promote your event association and signal to your social followers that you’re a proud, legitimate business that doesn’t shy away from coming face to face with potential consumers in public settings.

The Final Analysis

So how do you arrive at green lighting an event marketing investment? By adding up the results of your Three As analysis:

1. Association fit and Association value
2. Activation potential
3. Amplification potential

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